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University of Tsukuba


Division of Policy and Planning Sciences

In this division we consider social issues (e.g., social economy, management, urban/regional issues, and international relations) using a science and engineering (analytical, mathematical, and quantitative) approach and conduct research into policy implications. We do this by promoting research in four fields: Socioeconomic Systems, Management Engineering, Urban Planning, and Urban Risk.

Division of Information Engineering

This division conducts research across the field of computer science. Through the medium of information and communication technology, we engage in a wide range of collaborative research with fields such as science, engineering, medicine, the arts, and sports science. We promote research in seven fields: Information Mathematics and Modeling; Intelligent Software; Software Systems; Computer Architecture; Media Engineering; Intelligent Systems; and Cyber Security and Human Factors. Close collaboration with educational organizations such as the Doctoral Program in Computer Science, the Doctoral Program in Risk Engineering, and the School of Informatics, as well as research bases such as the Center for Computational Sciences, the Life Science Center of Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance (TARA Center), and the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (C-AIR), allow us to work towards ground-breaking discoveries and to train individuals capable of engaging at an international level.

Division of Intelligent Interaction Technologies

This division focuses on humans, computers, machines, communications, and sensing to conduct a wide array of research required to turn achievements in science and technology into engineering systems, ranging from fundamental theories to cutting-edge technologies. The Division is made up of five fields: System Design; Man-Machine Systems and Robotics; Instrumentation and Control Engineering; Communications Systems; and Total Risk Management.

Division of Engineering Mechanics and Energy

This Division researches integrated engineering grounded mainly in mechanics and promotes interdisciplinary research not bound by existing frameworks like machine engineering, civil engineering, or architectural studies. This Division consists of five fields: Structure, Disaster Mitigation, and Reliability Engineering; Solid Mechanics and Materials Science; Fluid and Environmental Engineering; Energy and Thermal Engineering; and Environment and Energy Risk Studies.